We are eventually approved by the committee of JATA(Japan Association of Travel Agents) and became the Overseas Allied Member on 16 March 2018.  Currently JATA is the only association which we are the member and we think JATA is fruitful for both sides - Travel agencies in Japan/JATA and us.

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Golf season of 2018 is almost to start!

Golf season in Czech Republic will be started soon.  Unfortunately spring has not come but no snow in Prague.  The temperature will not be below zero in April.

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Please read also the General conditions, where you might find the answers which you are looking for.

We have a general motto: If the client has a special request, there is nothing to reject. If you can not find the answer for your question here or anywhere else at our website, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who are you?  Why to choose EVOLUTION GOLF?

Our company(Carrow LLC) was established in 2000 by Czech and Japanese individuals as a transportation company, especially for individual travelers and businessmen, which sooner expanded to travel agency in Prague.  Then, we started the golf division - Evolution Golf in the end of 2012.

We simply offer quality controlled services with reasonable prices. The Golf courses which we offer are the best that you may find in Czech Republic. The same applies to accommodations; at better prices than elsewhere, you will be accommodated in one of our partner hotels - they belong to the best in their categories. Furthermore, as long experience with tourism, we offer wide range of other services according to the clients demands. Then, do not forget that we have started as a transportation company who introduced the strict rules in Prague; checking flight details given by our clients and also monitoring the ETA, Estimate Time Arrival, which means that we wait for you even you have a long delay!  We also do not require full prepayment in specific cases - contact us for more information.

Golf in Prague? Czech Republic? Do you have a good golf course near Prague?

Some people, especially in the West still thinks Prague, Czech Republic is a poor, developing country located in somewhere in Eastern Europe.  However, Czech Republic is a member of EU, OECD and the NATO, which is not so wealthy like Germany or UK but still a very safe place to play golf.  Then, not like Germany or UK, Czech Republic is still cheap for dining and drinking.  Then, the capital, Prague is a city more than one million inhabitants and listed in UNESCO World Heritage since 1992. Prague is voted as TOP 10 cities by TripAdvisor in 2016. Which means Prague can be the one of the cities which you can explore the World Heritage and play golf during your stay.  Then, important thing is that English is spoken by the staffs of hotels and golf courses.

Can you book just the tee time for us? We drive by ourselves and hotel is booked already.

Unfortunately, we are not golf course but golf travel agency. If you just need the tee time, please book the course directly.  We can book in case you need transfers(hotel-golf course-hotel).

Can you book the tee time at the golf course which is not listed in your website?

Yes, we are ready to book a tee time for you at any of the 70+ golf courses in Czech Republic. The golf resorts that are presented on our website are the top ones in the Czech Republic. We decided not to offer all golf resorts due to make sure you will be maximally satisfied by chosen golf resorts. However, in case you want specific course which is not listed, for example, already visited Czech Republic in the past or there is other golf course that is your favorite, we are pleased to book your requested golf course for your golf tour.

How can I book the services? What is the procedure?

It is very simple, either choose one of our golf packages or fill out the on-line order form. You may also write us an email with all your requests. In any case, we will respond to you with our offer including price for your requested services. After your confirmation, we will send you the invoice and you can choose the method of payment: bank transfer or credit card (please note that 3.5% surcharge will apply for credit card payment). You can find more information about the payment conditions here.

Is it possible that you can not book the tee time for us at a particular golf course?

Unfortunately, such situation may occur. The main reasons are: 1. The golf course is fully booked. No available tee time. 2. There is a tournament at the golf course on that particular day. There is a much higher chance to experience these problems when booking tee times on weekend, as not only the most golfers are playing on weekend, but the most tournaments are held on weekend too. It is the main advantage of early bookings of our services that we have better possibility to book the tee times and selecting which day the specific golf course will be visited. However, we always try our best and relationship with the golf resorts are very good, so it is likely that we will always find a solution how to assure a tee time for you.

Is the green-fee more expensive on weekend(FRI, SAT and SUN)?

At some of the courses - yes, at others - no; consequently, it is possible that the final price will be EUR 10-17 per person more expensive for each golf round that is scheduled on weekend. We try to avoid the higher fee on weekend, but if you choose to stay from Friday to Monday and wish to play 3 golf rounds, we have no other choice than to book the tee times on weekend.  

When do I know the trip schedule(itinerary) and tee times?

The itinerary = schedule for your trip and other information like tee times, will be sent to you a week or at least a few days before your arrival. Please note that tee times are depended on their availability, so we always adjust the pick up times and golf rounds to accomplish the best schedule for you.

How do you provide the transportation?

We own vehicles(sedan and minivans) and cooperate with coach company that has more than 10 years of experience of passenger transport in Czech Republic with very reliable and flexible dispatcher. The vehicles are air-conditioned and the drivers have long experience to work for foreign tourists and speak English.  Then, as we started as transportation company, we are well trained to adjust pick up times much more than usual travel agency which sometimes do not have any idea of the traffic situations or experiences of the staffs.

Do you offer other hotels which is not presented on your website?

Yes, but we recommend you to stay at our preferred hotels listed in our website to guarantee the qualities and the services.  We offer hotels which only we can rely on.

Is there any dress code for the golf courses in the Czech Republic?

As we offer only the premium golf courses, there is a dress code that is common at many private clubs around the world; for example, no jeans and no shirts without collars.

When does the golf season start and when does it end in the Czech Republic?

Generally, the season begins in the middle of April and ends by November.  May and October can be ideal for golfers due to July and August can expect high temperature around 30 degrees but these months are the busiest in Prague due to so high demand of normal tourists coming to Prague.  The hotels in high seasons(April-October) can be occupied quickly, sometimes even a half a year ahead! Therefore we recommend to ask us the best dates to come to Prague before you book your air tickets.

Do you have any deadline to book the service?

We do not have any deadline but we appreciate you can book at least 3 working days in advance.

Do I have to take my own clubs?

It is not necessary, as it is possible to rent clubs at almost any golf course. However, the number of golf club sets is limited and it is quite expensive to rent them, therefore we recommend you to take your own clubs with you from home.

Do you offer something for non-golfers?

Yes, we do.  For clients who do not play golf, for example the wives, we can arrange sightseeing or excursions for them. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the LADY’S plan.

Then, we are now offering INDOOR SHOOTING by real guns and bullets.